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No Monster Club - People Are Weird (Popical Island)

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[noisepop] [garage] [pop]
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Simply excellent

by Underketing


Well, first off, you know how much I value No Monster Club's contribution to nowadays' culture.

This said, I would say that this album is like what "London Calling" was to The Clash.

In other words, Bobby went back to his roots with Dublin Duck Dispensary, but not only, okay the cheap keyboards are here, but also excellent backing vocals in the high tone, and some popper, mainstream-candy arrangements that we did not hear from No Monster Club before, and that are not a losse.

I would retain "People Are Weird", with its african music influenced riff, I think, as the most catchy song of the album, but don't misunderstand me, the whole release is excellent.

As a maintainer of a music review blog, I've been able to get my hand on this record just a few minutes before Bobby finally decided to release it for streaming to the public, and this is a good thing, since I can write, for you, a review before the album is officially released.

And what should I say ? Excellent, over anything, excellent. You know I think that Bobby, with No Monster Club, is dynamiting the garage-pop scene since a few years. Excellent poppy garage tunes, and as I said before, No Monster Club is now back with more general-public catchy tunes, and, as they do it in their unique way, it is simply very good.

In conclusion, as an hardcore No Monster Club fan, I didn't find betrayed by this release. In contrary to that, I see my band evolving, reaching new playgrounds, at the great pleasure of listeners. It got so tropical here, that I removed my grunge 90's wool shirt.

You should definitively give a listen to it.
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