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Already Dead Tapes - AD300 Document III: A Retrospective (Already Dead tapes)

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Once again in the bull's eye

by Underketing


Well, we're here to talk about a compilation from the label Already Dead tapes, which is their 300th release, on tape in a limited edition as usual, and for paid-what-you-want download as well. At the time these words are written, there is only 13 cassettes remaining before it gets out-of-print, while the release is only available since a little less than one month, for an edition of 100 copies. Which sums up well how good is the reception of this album by the audience! So then if you need a collector item before it's over, you shall have to act quickly.

Already Dead tapes is a label formed in 2009, that I use to follow since a handful of year -more precisely, since No Monster Club's "Posthumous Hit" was published there, and I never had any kind of deception with the high level of quality of the music issued by the label.

Over years, they became quite big, and emerge clearly from the bedroom label's scene as a major actor. Famous enough, but still qualifying for a Netaudio Lovers review. They are big for sure, but we ain't no talking about Sony Music here, are we? No, we are talking about a project devoted to music as an art and artistic discipline, all of this propelled by an highly respectable passion for the underground sound. What would we need added to this? Nothing, undoubtedly.

This compilation features a broad palette of styles, but all the tracks have in common the belonging to the sharp edge of nowadays' music. It's overall intelligent, well written, well performed tunes. I cannot drop names of particular projects featured because... I would need to name them all! The complete release is constant in its quality and deserves really a place in any music enthusiast's collection.

Okay, if you do insist, if I had to name my favourites, I would nevertheless have to mention the outstanding track from The Hell Hole Store, the great ones from the binary marketing show and Comfort Food, maybe Complainer's one... But actually almost if not any track would deserve a mention, according the level of quality of this compilation. Coastal Car's pixiesque (or even, Black Frankesque) "Ultraviolet Light" is also among my favourite ones. About a Million's track is quite good too, if I had to mention only one more.

Please note that the cassette release comes with a golden ticket allowing the download of the last 100 releases of the label, from AD201 to this 300th, and that this compilation is actually a selection of tracks, a quick excerpt, aiming at highlighting these 100 releases. Time is running fast, before it's out-of-print, so act quickly if you are interested.
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